Tea and coffee preparation

Comfort, design, ergonomics, intelligence, speed. No compromises. Introducing Philco appliances for preparing your favourite pick-me-up beverages. The biggest strength is the ability to adapt to your individual needs - coffee or tea can be different every time, exactly the way you like it. Philco appliances are intelligent and flexible. It all depends on what you are after.

Cooking, baking and food preparation

For those who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, try new or verified recipes and want to be sure they can always rely on their kitchen appliances. For all these we made Philco products. Let imagination be your sole limit.


Either fruits or vegetables, Philco juicers always make the most of juicing. Whatever you put in them, you will always squeeze out all of the juice including all nutrients beneficial to your health. Easy to assemble, clean in a matter of seconds as the dishwasher will take care of most of the work. No lengthy cutting or peeling required - Philco juicers and citrus presses can handle entire pieces of fruit.

Mixing and whisking

Mixing and whisking is always all about performance. Philco mixers and whiskers are equipped with extremely strong motors and multi-speed functions. Using them is entirely comfortable and unbelievably effective. Be demanding, you can rely on Philco to help you make purée, perfectly smooth mixes, fluffy cream or drift ice.

Slicing and cutting

Philco slicers and cutters have an invaluable advantage - they can save you an enormous amount of time and energy. They are lightning fast. They are sharp as a blade. They are oh so easy to use. They are compact and very stable. They are precise. With them you can prepare food at a professional level and which is sliced pedantically precise.


Ironing is joy for somebody, for other one is duty. That is what Philco irons cannot change. But it will not be worry with them about result for you anymore. The result is always perfect. You can count on it that your laundry will be ironed flawlessly thanks to high performance and modern technologies.

Philco, a legend since 1892

Philco, a legend since 1892

Get to know the legendary Philco brand and its famous history – from the battery (1892) through to the washing machine and the oven (2011).

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