TwinJet system is a result of the modern approach of Philco brand. It forms a part of new model of Philco washing machines which are the synonym for top functionality and prime design.
Reddot Award for design values the new Philco washing machines.

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NEW PLDSI 148 B King

PLDSI 148 B King

Automatic washmachine Philco PLDSI148B King.
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SLIM 47 cmLaundry load 8 kg1400 rpmInverter motorMy programCrystal drumB
  • Energy class B
  • Load 8 kg
  • SLIM - Depth 47 cm
  • Speed 1400 rpm
  • Inverter motor
  • SpaCare


PLD 106 E

Philco PLD106E pre-filled washing machine with a maximum load of 6 kg, which has 24 programs in energy class E and spin efficiency C. The washing machine is equipped with prewash, extra spin, drum cleaning program, LED display and rotary control.
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Laundry load 6 kg1000 rpmDelayed startProgram 15´E
  • Energy class E
  • Filling 6 kg
  • Speed 1000 rpm
  • LED display
  • Children's lock

NEW PL 1062 D Chiva

PL 1062 D Chiva

Automatic washmachine PL1062D Chiva.
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Laundry load 6 kg1000 rpmAquaBallAntiCreaseVolume AutomationProgram 15´D
  • Energy class D
  • Filling 6 kg
  • Speed 1000 rpm
  • AquaBall

KIT 59

KIT 59

Kit for the PDCI 103 Crown, PDC 82 Crown,  PDC 82 R Crown, PD 8 Crown dryer model and washers PLD 16106 Crown, PLD 1483 Crown, PLD 1273 Crown, PLDI 1473 Crown, PLDI 1283 Crown, PLDI 147 B King, PLDI 148 B King, PLDI 149 B King, PLDI 1510 B King.
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  • Kit for Washing Machine - Crown and King dryer
  • Mounting kit

BS 7

BS 7

Washing detergent and fabric softener drawer
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  • Additional drawer for washer
  • Installation set
  • Installation guide included


Philco, a legend since 1892

Philco, a legend since 1892

Get to know the legendary Philco brand and its famous history – from the battery (1892) through to the washing machine and the oven (2011).

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