Modern Philco ovens not only distinguish by easy operation, but also by a range of features that will positively influence the result of baking meat and pastry and they save your time at the same time.


Philco gas cooktops will interest you by solid grilles, placed on the black glass of the cooktop. They increase comfort and safety when moving and comply to all requirements on modern cooking.


At first sight, Philco hoods will interest you by an attractive design that determines its position of an impressive accessory in modern interior.

Microwave ovens

Interesting design in combination with the perfect technical finish are the pluses of Philco microwave ovens. They enable not only microwave cooking and grilling, but also a range of other handy features and programs.


Philco, a legend since 1892

Philco, a legend since 1892

Get to know the legendary Philco brand and its famous history – from the battery (1892) through to the washing machine and the oven (2011).

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