Properties POD 12 IF

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Extra large multifunctional built-in oven POD12IF offers double baking using the Duo Zone. Due this feature, the oven is split to two baking areas to prepare more dishes at different times at different temperatures. The front panel is decorated with a Touch Control sensor with a large LED display. Multi-function oven model POD12IF offers up to 18 programs. Two fans can be used during cooking. The illumination of duo zone is provided by two lights, one at the top and second on the bottom of oven.

Due to the meat probe the oven model POD 12 IF allows you easily achieve perfect results as a professional chef. Simplicity and accurate temperature measurement inside the meat ensure the optimal result during preparing meals. By inserting the tip of the probe into the meat, you have information about the baking process and the estimated end immediately from the beginning. Ideal for preparation such as roastbeef, meatloaf and other where the accurate internal temperature is needed. The favorite functions of this oven are to set the cooking time, the delay start or the end of the baking program.This appliance has been awarded the prestigious international award of Design IF awards.
  • Max. capacity XXL of 73 liters
  • Energy class A
  • Sensor Touch control
  • Duo zone (2 baking areas with different temperature and functions)
  • 12 -18 programs
  • Temperature range:
  • Single zone 40-250°C
  • Duo zone 180-250°C
  • Big LED display (white color)
  • Sensor Touch control
  • Child safety lock
  • Dual lightening system (upper and bottom)
  • Triple door layers
  • Soft closing
  • 2x telescopic rails  75 %
  • Fans 2x
  • Meat probe 1x
  • Shallow tray 1x
  • Deep tray 1x


Ttechnical description

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Type: Built-in electric oven
Operation: Sensor Touch control
Inner capacity of oven: 73 liters
Energy class: A
Max. operation temperature: 250°C
Type of buttons: Sensors
Number of glass plates in door: 3
Oven functions
Soft closing
Convection heating
Fan + upper heater element
Conventional heating
Turbo gril
Fan + lower heater element

Split heating mode:
Only upper part (1. Heating with fan, 2. Fan + upper heating, 3. Top heating)
Both parts separately (Both parts of the oven are in operation)
Bottom only (1. Fan heater, 2. Fan + bottom heating)
Classical mode (1. Heating with fan, 2. Fan + upper heating, 3. Conventional heating, 4. Grill, 5. Turbo grill, 6. Fan + bottom heating, 7. Defrosting)
Further features
Power supply: 220~240V
Max. input power: 4 985 W
Dimensions (HxWxD): 59,4x59,4x54,8 cm
Dimensions for built-in (HxWxD): 59,5x56,5x55 cm
Weight: 41,5 kg
Color: Black with stainless frame

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